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August 2010


Having an Au Pair

Over 70% of parents believe that having an au pair is a positive experience for the family, according to a new survey by – Ireland’s Website for Parents.

In the majority of cases, the au pair develops a good rapport with the host family.

Half of those surveyed rated the au pair’s relationship with their child as excellent while a further 32% rated it as good.

The parents’ own relationship with the au pair was also very positive. 36% of parents had an excellent relationship with their au pair while a further 48% enjoyed a good relationship with the au pair.


Financial considerations are the main reason for hiring an au pair. 51% of those surveyed chose to have an au pair as it is less expensive than other childcare options. One mum commented that having an au pair offered her “home based childcare at an affordable price”.

Childcare cover for irregular work hours was the next most common reason why people opted for an au pair – 18% of parents surveyed cited this as the main reason for having an au pair.

About 9% of families chose to have an au pair as it provided them with a much-needed extra pair of hands around the home, particularly in busy households where the mother might be expecting or have a new baby and other young children.

Other reasons cited for hiring an au pair include cover for the school holidays, preference to have children minded in their own home and a desire to raise children in a bilingual household.

Au pairs in Ireland are generally from a European country, France being the most popular option in 20% of cases, followed by Germany (17%) and Eastern Europe (12%).  Brazilian au pairs are also a popular choice amongst Irish families.

In the majority of cases (37%), the au pair stayed for 6 to 12 months while 3 to 6 month stays were also very popular. (28%) Just 14% of au pair stays exceeded 12 months.

Survey Results


1. Do you currently have an au-pair?

Yes – 53% | No  - 57% 


2. Have you previously had an au pair? 

Never – 19%

Once - 25%

Twice - 16%

3 Times or More - 40%

3. What country is your au-pair from? (If you do not currently have an

au-pair, specify for most recent au-pair)  

France 20%

Germany 17%

Eastern Europe 12%

Spain 11%

Brazil 10%

Austria 4%

Scandinavia 4%

Other 22%

4. How did you find your au-pair?

Agency 42%

Internet – 25%

Advert 13%

Word of Mouth 7%

Other 13%


5. How long is your au-pair's stay?   

0-1 month 2%

1-3 months 19%

3-6 months 28%

6-12 months 37%

Over 12 months 14%

6. What is your main reason for hiring an au-pair?

Less expensive than other childcare options 51%

Irregular work hours 18%

Cover for school holidays 7%

Other 24% (Of those, 9% wanted help in the home with young children, 5% prefer kids to be minded at home, 4% stated language reasons eg children being reared in a bilingual household)

7. How would you rate the au-pair’s relationship with your children?

Excellent - 50% 

Good -  32% 

Fair - 16% 

Bad - 2% 

8. How would you rate your own relationship with the au-pair? 

Excellent – 36%

Good - 48% 

Fair - 12% 

Bad - 4% 

9. Having an au-pair is a positive experience for the family

Strongly agree-  37% 

Agree - 35% 

Neither agree nor disagree - 19% 

Disagree - 3% 

Strongly disagree - 6%


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