Au Pair in Austria

Programme Code: Prog 3

Price: € 299.00 (€50 registration & €249 on finding family)

Country: Austria

Duration: 3-12

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Make The Change

Want to learn the German language, and experience a new culture at the same time?

Want to discover the beauty of the Alps, but you don’t have the financial means to travel? Have childcare experience, and want to do something exciting?

Becoming an Au Pair in Austria might just be the perfect solution for you! You can live with an Austrian family, learn German and enjoy the Austrian experience. 

Speaking a second language fluently can help you to stand out from the crowd. For example, companies like Google, Paypal and Ebay are constantly looking for applicants who are able to speak a second language.

With over half of Austria dominated by the Alps, the alpine climate is the predominant one. Although Austria is cold in the winter (-10 – 0 °C), summer temperatures can be relatively warm, with average temperatures in the mid 20s and a highest temperature of 39.7 °C. Because of its alpine location, Austria also has a unique ecosystem that you can’t find in another country.

Due to the cold winters and the location in the Alps, Austria is a great place to try skiing for the first time. It is a famous place for all kind of winter sports and has perfect skiing slopes. So don't forget to pack your winterclothes!

The Truth about being an Au Pair

In Austria, families who get Au Pairs generally have 3-4 children, so you really do need to love children and want to be with them to take part in THIS Au Pair Program.

In Austria you will be paid get paid a minimum of 467 per month + board and lodgings and you only work 20-25 hours per week.

In Austria you get 5 weeks paid holidays so you can get to see the country, visit other European countries or come home to visit your friends and family.

Most Au Pair host families in Austria require a non smoker. It is best for you and the family if you give smoking up. Some families may accept a smoker, but it is not common.

To work as an Au Pair in Austria, you will need to show babysitting or related childcare experience in the form of references and be able to stay a minimum of 2 -3 months in the summer and 6-12 months long term.

Host families live in different regions of Austria, you can indicate to us via your application form if you prefer a specific location.

Some families live near beautiful winter ski resorts.

Light house work will be required, so bear that in mind.



You must be able to show us that you have no criminal record.

Drivers license is not necessary, but can come in handy.

The program is open to EU applicants, but you need to have some child care experience.

Apply now to be an Au Pair in Austria!

Lenght of stay

Therefore it is strongly recommended to stay for a long term, 6-12 months. These stays are preferred and it is easier to find a suitable family for you.

Our Commitment to You

At Cara international we know that traveling to a country where English is not the native language can be a bit daunting, that is why we want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

We also want to ensure that the host family you are going to is fully vetted and that you are legally placed there.

We work very closely with our partners whom we have built a close relationship with and trusted over the years.

  • Their job is to make sure you have a great experience when you're there.

  • They will help you make friends and offer you any advice on the family if you have a problem.

Call us now at:


You can also contact us at:

We will be happy to help you with any issues:

  • We are committed to checking your application carefully

  • We interview you

  • We give an orientation on your Au Pair placement in Austria

We will also provide you with:

  • A comprehensive training material on being an Au Pair

  • A First Aid Book

  • Your own online account where we will upload training material

  • We will guide you step by step through the process

When we receive a suitable family for you, we will:

  • Upload their profile to your online account so you can access when working in Austria if you have questions on your placement

  • Set up a telephone call between your new host family and you.

  • Make sure the host family comes to collect you on your arrival in Austria.

  • Keep in touch with you.

If the both of you are happy, you just have to complete your visa (where necessary), insurance and flight details and submit it to us.

Your Commitment

  • We require that you complete the application process fully and in time so we have the time to find you the right family. We would suggest 2-3 months before your start date.

  • You must fill in all the information truthfully.

  • We ask that you do your best at being a good Au Pair.

  • You must also complete our questionnaires so we can really understand how the program is going for you.

How to complete the Application form

Register Here

You will receive an email with an activation link and a password.

Press on the link and enter your email and password. Your password can be changed to something easier at the side panel.

For more details about registering watch this guide video.

After watching, go to this program and press Apply Now

This will open up the online application form. Complete it carefully.

Watch this video to get instruction about the application filling.

Please complete the supporting documents below.

The supporting documents can be uploaded to the upload photos and documents section of the application form. Remember to follow the size restrictions.

If you have any problems call us at 0949289802 or text 0879214711.

Medical Check

We require that you give a truthful medical certificate that has beem verified by your doctor.This can be a standard Medical docuement from a GP in which he states you have no medical condition both physically or mentally that would prevent you from becoming an Au Pair.

Childcare References

You committed to giving truthful references that can be verified by Cara international staff.

Please send the attached link to your referees.

Reference check

References can be provided by people who are non family members or friends who you have babysat for.

These can be from Creches, schools, Camp Counselor programs, Childcare courses, previous Au Pair or nanny placements etc.

Remember - the more references the better.

Character Reference

Character References can be completed by someone who you know and is not a family member or friend such as a Teacher,Lecture,etc.

Please email this link to the person and it will automatically come back to us when he/she completes it.

Character Reference Check

Special Needs Information

Some families require applicants with experience in dealing with children with special needs.

To apply for these, please fill in this form

Photo Album

We require that you provide a photo album of you interacting with children and family.

Drivers License

Please send us a copy of your drivers license if you have one.

Your Passport

Please send us a valid copy of your passport.


You must get a European health card and insurance then send the details to us as soon as you have it.

Insurance Application


You are not tied to booking your flight with us. This works out better for you as you can book cheaper flights. The link below may help you find very cheap flights.

Book Your Flight Here

We do need a copy of your flight schedule so we can ensure your safe pick up when you get there. Send us a full flight schedule when you have it.

Payment Commitment

We ask that you submit a payment of a €50 non refundable registration fee and €249 for the host family offer by bank transfer.

Email us at



Police Check

If you are thinking of embarking as an Au Pair with Cara International take note that one of your first steps should be to apply for the relevant Garda Check.

This can be applied for in two ways and we would advise anyone hoping to travel to apply both ways to ensure you receive the speediest response, and also to give yourself 3 months in which to wait for a reply!




Print and fill in the form at the link given below:


Read this carefully and ensure that when you are completing it that all the details are correct and can be clearly read (Use your Best Handwriting!!). Any mistakes will result in the form being returned and you will have to restart the process!


Option2: This option is only open to Candidates that are applying for a visa programme


You will need to write a letter and send it directly to your local Superintendant. This letter must include the following:



· Where and when you are looking to travel (Country)




· The type of visa required – J1 and what you intend to do at your destination e.g.  Camp Counsellor etc


· A full list of all your previous addresses; this list should be in order starting with your first home and should include dates. When listing the dates be careful in ensuring that the dates run concurrently and that there is no missing space of time – e.g

    Home 1 Jan-May ‘09

    Home 2 May – Oct ‘09

    Home 3 Oct 09 – Feb ’10 etc...


· Send the original copy of your birth cert which will be returned to you.



The good news is that there is no cost for processing this cert!(option B)


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